Canvas LA. Renovation Project
Coronado Apartments San Diego. Renovation Project. Value ~$650,000
Hampton Inn Los Angles. Ground up Construction. All Electrical Systems
Hancock Villa Los angles. Prevailing wage Renovation Project. Value ~$530,000
Heritage Villas Chula Vista. Renovation Project. Value ~$550,000
Luther Tower San Diego. Renovation and Fire Alarm. Value ~$700,000
Paseo del Ore. Renovation Project. Value ~$340,000
Costa Azula. Renovation Project
The Plaza San Bruno. Ground up Construction. All Electrical Systems. Value ~$2M
188 W St James, San Jose - value was ~$4M for Fire Alarm, CCTV, Access Control and Low Voltage Systems
Imperial Tower Sacramento. Renovation Project, Fire Alarm system, Generator. Value ~$2.5M
207 and 442 Sea Side Long Beach. Two Ground up Construction buildings. Fire Alarm and all low voltage systems. Value ~$5.5M